Luna Paige in studio and on TV this month

Posted by Luna Paige

I have just recorded 4 new songs in Sunset Studios and had the best time ever! I am so excited about the musical developments.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with 2 great artists whose work I really admire and respect. They are Gerald Clark and Chris Chameleon. I recorded a duet with Gerald (slightly out of my usual genre). It was so much fun. We really laughed a lot – while moulding and shaping the song. It’s not ready yet and still needs some work – but I am confident that fans will love this sexy song and can’t wait to hear what listeners think of it. To see a sneak preview of this song – keep your eyes out for TV program “Artcha” on SABC 2. They will be doing a feature on me and my collaboration with Gerald Clark.

The other song – (which happened very quickly) – features a guest appearance by Chris Chameleon. He brought a beautiful touch to my song “Sunday in Japan” with vocal acrobatics and improvisations which reminds of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who has worked with various artists such as Peter Gabriel and Eddie Vedder. This song is bound to take listeners on a hypnotic trip through the east. I can’t wait to release this song!

Then, further more – fans must check out TV program “The Power Within” on SABC 3 this following Saturday 20 June at 11am sharp. They will be featuring me and my collaboration with the Bellevue Choir as well as my developing non-profit organization – The New Love Foundation. Please have a look and tell your friends to check it out too. Remember that this song can be downloaded for free after registering as a fan on my website.

So as you can see – things are exciting and happening – and building up to the release of my third album in September & October 2009.

But first I will be touring again and releasing the above mentioned songs on the internet in July and August. I will be performing in Stellenbosch, Durban, at Oppikoppi, Pretoria and in Bloemfontein. Check out my website at the end of the month for the complete gig guide.

Lots of love!

Luna Paige



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