Tina Schouw Solo at Jade lounge – no cover charge

Hello feisty friends, music lovers and “we’re not afraid of the weather” go-getters

This is the final “mind-jig” to keep you in the loop about my solo performance as part of the last Levi’s Vintage Sunday line-up this coming Sunday 28th June 2009 at the Jade Lounge. And yes Winter is here, but don’t be afraid of the weather. Take this opportunity to strut your stuff, show off your new coat and funky boots, or just come in whatever blows your fancy, I would love to see you there.


Date: 28th June 2009

Venue: the Jade Lounge. 49 Main Rd Greenpoint, [above Manos – old Buddha Bar site]

Bonus?? Admission is FREE

Time: Show starts at 7:30pm

Line-up: Check out the great line-up for the evening

1. Farryl Purkiss

2. Tina Schouw

3. Simon Van Gend

Who can come? Everyone and their mother

Come and support the last Vintage Sunday night performance, don’t be a wet blanket. Enjoy some old and some new material and settle in for a night of soul food. So wipe the cobwebs off those “I just wanna have fun” boots and get out there.

Come and make some noise for your favorite artists!!!!

See you there. YES? YES!


Look forward to seeing you there.

Love and a bottle of mulled red wine (YUMMY)

Tina Schouw



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