New Music Now: Gossip – Music For Men

After only one listen I am in love with this album. A variety of styles and influences abound here.  Fine Young Cannibals-style R&B with Electro-rock guitars and the vocals of Big Beth Ditto. Like Duffy on steriods … and that’s a good thing.
If you like Zebra & Giraffe and Flash Republic you will probably find some place in your heart for this.
Music for Men cover

Gossip - Music For Men

  1. “Dimestore Diamond”
  2. “Heavy Cross”
  3. “8th Wonder”
  4. “Love Long Distance”
  5. “Pop Goes the World”
  6. “Vertical Rhythm”
  7. “Men in Love”
  8. “For Keeps”
  9. “2012”
  10. “Love and Let Love”
  11. “Four Letter Word”
  12. “Spare Me from the Mold”

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