Give the gift of music this Festive Season

From RhythmMusicStore

Keep the spirits high and the good vibes going over the festive season in giving gifts that your friendsand family will offers gift vouchers and the amount that you would like to spend is entirely up to you, even just a single song for R7.00.

The most thoughtful, perfect musical gift – allowing the receiver to make their own unique selection of music on Rhythm Music Store to the value of the gift voucher you send them. Rhythm Music Store Gift Vouchers are the perfect Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day gifts.

How do Gift Vouchers work?

You can purchase gift vouchers for your friends and family to give them prepaid credit on Rhythm Music Store.

To share the Rhythm Music Store catalogue of 70,000+ tracks with your loved ones, simply select a gift voucher of the appropriate size and send them the unique voucher code (by emailing it to them or writing it in a card) available in your Download Area after completing the checkout process as long as the voucher remains unclaimed.

A unique voucher code is generated for each purchased voucher, to be claimed within one year of purchase, which will show up as prepaid credit in the claimant’s account.


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