South African Rock Gold 3 CD Collection

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For the first time ever…a 59 track, 3 CD set of the cream of South African rock, from the early ’70s through to the ’90s….Killer tunes from the likes of Evoid, Tribe after Tribe, Stingray, Hawk, Baxtop, The Sweatband, Squeal, Freedoms Children, Ellamental, Wild Youth, Julian Laxton and many more.

Available from Fresh Music

Disc 1

  1. Freedoms Children – 1999
  2. Suck – Aimless Lady
  3. Otis Waygood – You’re late Miss Kate
  4. Abstract Truth – It’s alright with me
  5. The Bats – The Rock Machine
  6. The Tidal Wave – Spider Spider
  7. Hawk – Here comes the sun
  8. Omega Limited – Tchaikovsky 1
  9. Circus – Long legged lady
  10. Stingray – Better the devil you know
  11. Julian Laxton Band – Celebrate
  12. Rabbitt – Savage
  13. McCully Workshop – Buccaneer
  14. Finch & Henson – Lonely Spacemen
  15. Lesley Rae Dowling – Grips of emotion
  16. Baxtop – Jo Bangles
  17. Radio Rats – ZX Dan
  18. Flash Harry – No football
  19. Sue Kiel – Julia
  20. Wild Youth – Wot about me

Disc 2

  1. Peach – A lot of things
  2. No Friends of Harry – Competition rules
  3. The Sweatband – This boy
  4. Dog Detachment – Touch the sky
  5. Ellamental – Pressure
  6. Tribe After Tribe – Damsel (as I went out one morning)
  7. Psycho Reptiles – Monster from the Bog
  8. The Spectres – Be Bop Pop
  9. Asylum Kids – Fight it with your mind
  10. Evoid – I am a fadget
  11. Falling Mirror – Johnny calls the chemist
  12. Petit Cheval – Once in a lifetime
  13. Cherry Faced Lurchers – Do the lurch
  14. The Helicopters – Mysteries & Jealousies
  15. Robin Auld – All of woman
  16. Bright Blue – Weeping
  17. Celtic Rumours – Slow rain
  18. Hotline – You’re so good to me

Disc 3

  1. Shifty Henry – Gimme little sign
  2. Squeal – Killing the light
  3. Urban Creep – Sea level
  4. The Pressure Cookies – Baby Baby
  5. The Kerels – Golden days
  6. Lithium – Bite it
  7. The Sunshines – Wanna make love
  8. The Electric Petals – Sister Love
  9. Little Sister – Little Sister
  10. Blue Chameleon – Hoss
  11. Fetish – Constant
  12. The Diamond Dogs – Going home
  13. Arapaho – Wild warrior
  14. Fat City – Bad habit
  15. Sugardrive –Disco Lazarus
  16. Sunways – Colour me in
  17. Toxic Shame – Rollercoaster ride
  18. Jack Hammer – Headlines
  19. Jo Day – Princess
  20. Helloangel – I don’t care
  21. Blue Scream – Without your love


Tracks licensed courtesy of EMI Music, Warner Music/Gallo Music, Fuller Music, Angela Music, David Gresham Records, Neil Cloud, Spaced Out Sounds, 3rd Ear Music, Radium Wreckords, Michael Fleck, Amber Music, Alan Armstrong, Ashland Music, Sheer Music, Shifty Music, Robin Auld, Universal Music, Diamond Dogs, Toni Gozza, Legend Music, and John Buckley.

Compiled by Benjy Mudie for Universal Music. Grateful thanks to Johnny Dorfling for the concept, Chris Venter for the sound advice, Gary Crause for the mastering, and Patsy Thompson for all the legalities.


13 thoughts on “South African Rock Gold 3 CD Collection


  2. I am in need of some assistance, and I think you may well be able to help. Some time in the late 60’s to early 70’s I repeatedly heard a song on Springbok Radio with a beautiful tune and warm lyrics. I do not recall the name of the song, or the artist performing it…only a few words of the song. Perhaps you can recall it too.

    “there was a sweet girl, we called her Mother…
    she would call us in from the vineyard, and we would go home smelling like wine”

    I would be most gratefull if you or any of your fans could help me trace this song, as I would very much like to acquire these lyrics.

    Thank you in anticipation.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the news.
    Unfortunately, don’t know many of the artists on Disc 3 as left SA in latter 90’s.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! Didn’t know you are still going strong! Nice music!

  5. Hi
    Just bought this CD after looking for something similar for long. It’s wonderful. However, Ballyhoo and Cinema are forgotten.

    Will be looking out for that on “Volume 2” ;-)

  6. Hi Brian…and Clout is nowhere to be seen, how strange!!!

  7. You missed Black Rose on music team records 1983

  8. Absolutely brilliant album!! I have been collecting South African compilations for a number of years now but this tops the lot! I agree – Ballyhoo, Clout & Cinema should have been there but the artists/ songs that are featured are awesome. Will there be a Vol 2?

  9. I want one please !!

  10. I bought this album while I was in South Africa for the world cup to have an idea on south african music and specially rock music , and to bring a souvenir of my trip, can anyone advice me about the top 10 best songs on it.
    sincerely I listened to the first 15 songs on cd1 and I am little disipointed

  11. Just wanted to agree with everyone that this is a great set! Not enough kudos go to these SA legends these days. Also, where oh where are the Springbok Nude Girls??

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