Graeme/Grahame Beggs

Name: Patrick

Message: Hi. Not sure where to start. I am trying to locate/contact Grahame/Graeme Beggs that started and owned Sunshine Records in the 70’s. I am trying to complete the catalogue released under the Sunshine label (mainly ABBA, but many local acts as well). Starting from the beginning with SUN1 on single (ABBA – People Need Love)and the first LP SLP1 (ABBA – Ring Ring) through to the end GBS169 (Dennis East – Peace will be mine) there are still a few gaps in the catalogue I need clarity on. I know the numbering changed from SUN for the singles and SLP for the lps to GBS and GBL for the singles and albums respectively (and I need to end years of arguments around this::: GBS for the singles was derived from Grahame/Graeme Beggs Singl and GBL in the same way referred to G Beggs LP!)

Any way in assisting me would be greatly appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Graeme/Grahame Beggs

  1. speak to keith lister MD at sony records jhb 011 274 5000 he is contact with graham often

  2. Hi Brian – I am Grahame’s wife …. please email me and I will give you contact details.

    Best regards

  3. Hi All,
    I would also like to contract Graeme Beggs – He and I were members of the band The Shangaans. – I don’t think Graeme was ever a member of pendulum. – Alain d Woolf

  4. Paul coetzee is still in the Strand area He was the drummer of Pendilum

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