Maria, South African singer

junior – sorocaba – brazil wrote:

hi brian. how i get more informations about Maria, south-african singer. i have 5 tracks recorded from her, it’s great!! please help me!

Brian wrote:

Entry from the SA Rock Encyclopedia

MARIA (South Africa)

full name: Carmelia Maria Neto LOPEZ.

Born in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo), Mozambique. Died in 1981 due to cancer.

SARIE for Top 20 Artist of the Year 1974

Hit Singles
09 Feb 73  I’M ON FIRE
10 Aug 73  CLAP YOUR HANDS AND STAMP YOUR FEET cover of a song by Dutch singer Bonnie St CLAIR
29 Mar 74  HURRY ON HOME


11 thoughts on “Maria, South African singer

  1. Maria was from Mozambique then moved to South Africa. She passed away at a young age from cancer.

    • hi Lino. if possible i liked find pic and images from Maria, i trying on the web but i can’t find it. I hear Maria fist time in 1973, on LP Premier Mundial 2001, in Brazil, track “I’m on Fire” I think her voice very similar with Suzy Quatro, maybe better. I liked show this great singer in Brazil (excuse me my bad english).

  2. thanks brian. if possible, i liked find photos or images from Maria, and discs covers too. there’s no much informations about her, i trying on the web but can’t find it. she was very good singer and i liked show her in Brazil.

  3. Hi Brian,
    Where can I find backtrax of Maria’s songs. I would really liked to sing her songs.

  4. greet to know that my aunt made a impact on so many people she was a beautiful woman, thank you

  5. Hi brian, is this the artist who sang ‘darling’ on an album called country

  6. Hi I would like to know where I can download some of her songs. She was my gran but I can’t seem to download any of her music. Can anyone assist?

  7. I am friends with her daughter Mia, however she does not have internet access.

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