Latest Free Music at Channel 24

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Les Javan En Die Delta Vastrapgennootskap

Ouma se Kind

A song off the SAMA-nominated Hiervandaan album on which the authentic power of South Africa’s own Delta music is explored, composed and arranged by the genius of Les Javan.

Latest Free Music Image

Crimson Chrysalis

Moth Around A Flame

Crimson Chrysalis is a South African female rock artist from Pretoria who went from the Afrikaans acoustic-rock genre to neo-classical rock on her debut album, VirginDeath.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Johnathan Martin

Tripping On Light

Second single off the solo album Machete by this Gauteng guitarist and vocalist from Piet Botha’s legendary rock band Jack Hammer.

Latest Free Music Image Dance/House/Electro

E.j Von Lyrik, Isaac Mutant & Teba

Goldmine (Shockwave Edit)

A track off African Shockwave Vol 1 by DJ Azuhl & Grenville Williams, the brilliant compilation of tracks by a host of hip new Cape Town musicians.

Latest Free Music Image Pop


Sweet Rock ‘N Roller

One of the varied tracks off this talented singer’s second album Onthou Jy Nog, on which she focuses more on Afrikaans music.

Latest Free Music Image Rock

Ramblin’ Bones & His Bloody Agents

Crystal Ball

Ramblin’ Bones is the alter ego of Jay Bones, former front man for the popular South African ska band Fuzigish, here with a track off his second album Ramblin’ Bones& His Bloody Agents.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Guy Onraet

Fallen Friends

Guy Onraet is a musician, composer, and guitar teacher living in Cape Town, his debut solo album, Invention City, which was inspired by, and is loosely based on the ‘Dark Tower’ series of novels by Stephen King.

Latest Free Music Image Country/Folk

Deep Fried Man

Get A Grip

Deep Fried Man is a comi-Folk performer who writes folk songs for the mall generation. The songs on his album DeepFried Man Is Not Amused are infused with bits of blues, soul, rock, hip-hop and rage.

Latest Free Music Image Afrikaans



A track off Egmond’s debut album Ongevraagde Hello which has just been re-released with bonus tracks.

Latest Free Music Image Pop


Earli In The Morning

B-Traq is an exciting new funk-pop band to hit the South African music scene, with a sound that is both fresh and funky on their new debut album, Out A Time.

Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues

African Cream Jazz Ensemble


A track off the latest African Cream Music compilation called Afromagic a selection of our greatest hits from some of Africa’s pioneering musicians.

Latest Free Music Image Jazz/Blues



With Ray Phiri on guitar, this acclaimed South African jazz group soundtracked the years from struggle to freedom with their evocative and unique style, here with a track off The Essential South African Trip.


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