Sherry Ray

Selwyn Schneider wrote:

I have a question for you. I come from East London and when I was about 12 – 13 there was a local girl named Sharon Rayton who made a version of Stupid Cupid under the name of Sherry Ray. I wonder if you have come across her in all your research of our music history? I ask cos as I used to know her and would like to contact her if I can find her. Does this sound familiar to you at all??

Brian wrote:

Don’t know of her … and no mention in "The History Of Contemporary Music Of South Africa" book either.


11 thoughts on “Sherry Ray

  1. Tertius Louw wrote:

    Sharon Rayton aka Sherry Ray recorded 2 albums in 1962:

    1. A night at the Windsor Bowl (accompanied by Ellery Woodward band – incl stupid cupid)

    2. A taste of sherry

    Her whereabouts are unknown

    • Cannot believe this. Someone led me to this site. My father was the late Ellery Woodward. Thanks for this, so nice to know people still remember him.

  2. Hi Brian- (I came home to SA in 1971 from USA. Showbiz is “not me.” !!! I studied art instead and raised a family of two !) Worked p/time in JHB with SABC musos like Rollo Scott tho’ in late 6o’s Lived here in St Francis Bay since 1983 and about to move to Montagu this Sept. ! Don’t mind if you let Selwyn know – I remember him well !!! regards, Sher.

  3. Hi gents

    Sheri is my mom
    Did you get hold of her

    Regards gari

  4. Brian, I am Jill Woodward Hefter, Ellery Woodward’s youngest daughter. I would love to connect with Sharon Rayton/Sherry Ray. Could you see if she would be willing to let me contact her? Also, I have long wanted to find a copy of the record “A Night at the Windsor Bowl”. Do you or one of your correspondents (e.g. Tertius Louw) know where I might find one?

    • Hi Jill!! …just seen your message. I have JUST also been given a cd copy of Woody’s “Night at the W/bowl” – will get one made for you if you give me a postal address !

      all best – Sherry. (now Hornsey)

      • Hi there Sherry.

        I notice this message is rather old so am hoping you are still here :) Please let me have an email address for me. I think you used to know my Mom – back in Windsor Bowl days in East London and I’d love to share something with you but need to know where to write to you.


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  6. Sheri is my cousin

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