Assistance with songs

Name: David Steeles
Message: Good-day Brian I hope you are keeping well . A big thank-you , Music fan brings back a lot of memories for one by finding lost songs .There are three songs I am desperately looking for that I caanot find no where , 2 are sung by the Tremeloes viz: Hello World and Call me number one . The other is I need someone by Joan Jett and We’re on the same Boat By Andre’ Swiegers . Then I need some assistance with regards to a recording of a piece of a song who i have no idea who sings it , I cannot even make out the lyrics , but is a golden oldie , if I could email it to that specific adress . Then lastly I am urgently looking for a complilation titled Future dance Classix Programme 1 , dating back to 1991 ? Your assistance would be appreciated . have agreat day kind regards David


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  1. hi brian,
    i am looking not only for the songs but also the karaoke trax for these three old songs:

    1. try a little love (i think was Oscar Harris)

    2. im just a shoulder to cry on – this was from a sa movie “winners” i think and was a
    song that was on one of the springbok hits lps in the 70’s?

    3. help me find the sun (dickey loader) could be another original artist. south african artists dont seem to be able to do originals for some or other reason.

    thanks kindly let me know.

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