John Ireland

Name: Keith Millar

Message: Hi Brian – We have been searching for 25 odd years for the John Ireland Thinking Aloud and John Ireland albums!!

Then I stumbled across your site quite by chance – fantastic website!!!!

Brian do you know where I can buy these two albums – We named my daughter Nicole after the one song and she is 21 and has never heard it!!!!!

I would really appreciate your help

Warm regards


Brian wrote:

John Ireland albums have not been released on CD, but old records can be found at shops such as Mabu Vinyl in Cape Town.

He was born John Griffith on the 24th August 1954 in Ireland (some sources say Boksburg). He attended Boksburg High School in the mid-70s. In 1977 he and Jonathan Handley formed the band Slither and were based in Springs. He studied medicine with Jonathan at Wits University and they both became doctors. Slither later became Radio Rats. John has musical training in classical piano to an advanced level and also plays guitar and drums. – SA Rock Encyclopedia


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  1. Hi Brian,
    Could you enquire whether Keith has found the record of John Ireland. If not he is welcome to contact me as I do have the longplay Revelation with the song Nicole on.
    I only discovered your website recently and find it very informative and interesting as I am a big music fan as well.
    However I specialise mainly in Afrikaans Music and do not find a lot on your site other than those that made the official hit parade.
    The information that I gathered here is invaluable.
    Thanks a lot for a great site.

    Anton van Staden.

  2. Hi there.
    Do you know who owns the rights to “I like” I would like to use it as part of the soundtrack of a film I will be directing.

    Many thanks

  3. I am also desperately looking for the 1982 album featuring “I like…” I am shocked that it was never released on cd! it is probably the best South African pop album that was ever made. It seems to me that Dr John Griffith does not realise that he actually have thousands of fans that loves his music. He has been invited to events and is apparently not interested. The recent popular track “Somebody that I used to know” by the Australian singer Gotye reminded me of the John Ireland sound. Please contact me if you can help.

  4. Love his song “Revelation” but only have a poor quality cassette recording taken from the radio in the early 1980’s

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