South African Music – MP3

Gary Johnston wrote:

Greetings Brian, I am a fan of SA music, particularly 60’s & 70’s. Over the years I have collected a lot of MP3’s but am still missing some classics i.e
The Staccatos
Billy Forrest
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
The Gonks
The Dealians
Omega Limited
Bernie Brown
Neville Whitmill
The A-Cads

I would dearly love to obtain the music above and have no problem about purchasing these MP3’s but would like you to advise me how I can do this? Please help!

Brian wrote:

Most of this music is very hard to find on CD and even more difficult as legal MP3 downloads.

Original vinyl albums can often be found at Mabu Vinyl.

More info on most of these artists can be found on the SA Rock Encyclopedia website:





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