Woodstock Mafia – Trigger and Gun

Woodstock Mafia is proud to release their latest music video – ‘Trigger and Gun’. Shot on a minuscule budget, as always, ‘Trigger and Gun’ is a straight-up performance driven video emphasising contrasts of light and dark; one not necessarily good nor the other evil.

‘Trigger and Gun’ was produced by the core team behind the acclaimed ‘Electric Light’ music video, with Ric Shields once again directing and editing (for many hours).

The band would like to extend a special apology to the residents of upper Harrington Street in Cape Town. If it weren’t for the rain (and snow/hail) we’re certain you would have banged on our studio door at 4am and told us to shut up.

The video marks the release of the third single off Woodstock Mafia’s upcoming debut album, DEFIANCE.


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