Sugar Music Recommends… 18 November 2022

Image by Michael Currin

Sugar Music Recommends… 18 November 2022

Part of a series of recommended listening from the guys who bring you the South African Rock Music Digest and Some old, some new, some borrowed, some blues, and mostly South African.

Including new releases from Radio Rats, Steve Louw and Tully McCully‘s latest project, Jasper’s Acolytes, classic tracks from Falling Mirror and Piet Botha, and some obscurities like Citizen Jones.

TIME FOR SOME ROCK FROM SOUTH AFRICA feat Freedoms Children, Otis Waygood, McCully Workshop, Hawk

TIME FOR SOME ROCK FROM SOUTH AFRICA feat Freedoms Children, Otis Waygood, McCully Workshop, Hawk

A mix of South African rock tunes from between 1966 and 1979.

A few cover versions and lots of original tunes.

Track List

1. In The Midnight Hour – The A-Cads
2. Woman Yeah – The Gonks
3. Purple Haze – The Flames
4. Fire – The Third Eye
5. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Una Valli & The Flames
6. Race With The Devil – The Bats
7. Evil Ways – The Attraction
8. The End – Dickie Loader & Freedoms Children
9. The Boy & The Bee – Omega Limited
10. You’re Late Miss Kate – Otis Waygood Blues Band
11. The Whip – Suck
12. That Did It – Freedoms Children
13. Astral III – The Invaders
14. Tokoloshe Man – John Kongos
15. Town Girl – Tidal Wave feat Peter Vee
16. Candlelight – Richard Jon Smith
17. Mumbo Jumbo – Hawk
18. Hard Ride – Rabbitt
19. Rock ‘n Roll Party – Ballyhoo
20. Conquistador – Circus
21. Johannesburg – Margaret Singana
22. Buccaneer – McCully Workshop
23. Record Companies – Wild Youth
24. Lonely Spaceman – Finch & Henson
25. Orang Otang – Harambee
26. Vudu – Harari
27. ZX Dan – Radio Rats
28. Silent Water – Ramsay MacKay
29. Blommetjie Gedenk Aan My – Anton Goosen
30. Jo Bangles – Baxtop
31. Makin’ Out With Granny – Falling Mirror
32. Suburbia – The Safari Suits
33. Better The Devil You Know – Stingray

South African Music Mixes: “The Suitcase Show” feat Piet Botha, Koos Kombuis, Valiant Swart, David Kramer, Anton Goosen and many more.

'n Suitcase Vol Musiek
‘n Suitcase Vol Musiek

Every vagabond needs a suitcase.

These are two, mainly South African, mostly Afrikaans, shows with some well-known tjoons and many obscure ones.

Some happy songs, some angry songs, a few light songs, and quite a few dark ones.

The name of these shows is inspired by the song “Suitcase Vol Winter” by South African Music Legend Piet Botha.

Some lyrics are explicit and/or offensive.

Photo of Piet Botha by Hein Waschefort, 2013

THE SUITCASE SHOW feat Piet Botha, Valiant Swart, Anton Goosen, David Kramer, Akkedis, Beeskraal

Track List

1. Girlfriends In Die Wimpy Bar (live 1996) – Die Naaimasjiene
2. Suitcase Vol Winter (live at Oppikoppi 1998) – Piet Botha & Jack Hammer
3. Die Gezoem Van Die Bye (live 1966) – Des Lindberg
4. Bokkie Bokkie – David Kramer
5. Somerslied – The Radiators
6. Pappa Ek Wil ‘n Popster Word – Springbok Nude Girls
7. Geraamtes In Jou Kas – Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes
8. Hou My Vas Korporaal – Bernoldus Niemand
9. Bossies – Wildebeest
10. Anderkant Die Berg – Akkedis
11. Boy Van Die Suburbs – Anton Goosen
12. Hell’s Angel – Al’astair
13. Bus Na Toronto – Andries Bezuidenhout
14. Jong Dames Dinamiek – Randy Rambo En Die Rough Riders
15. Strate Van Pretoria – Beeskraal
16. Cape Flats – Brasse Vannie Kaap
17. Verslaaf Aan Ruk-En-Rol – Not My Dog
18. Die Volk (Is In Die Kak) – The Buckfever Underground
19. Hillbrow – Johannes Kerkorrel En Die Gereformeerde Blues Band
20. Sally Williams Nougat – Jak de Priester
21. Breyten se Brief – Jan Blohm
22. Vier Seisoene Kind – Spinnekop
23. Bicycle Sonder Slot – Koos Kombuis
24. Diep In Gauteng – Stefan Lombard
25. Afrikaners Is Plesierig – Karen Zoid
26. Rockpop – Diff-Olie
27. Roekeloos – Valiant Swart
28. Onder Engele Verniel – Voël
29. Meneer Geweer – Wouter van de Venter
30. Suikerbossie – The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
31. Binneland In (live 2001) – Spinnekop
32. Die Sommige Ou Tannies Blues – Koos Kombuis
33. Jane S. Piddy – Rodriguez

THE SUITCASE SHOW feat Koos Kombuis, KOBUS!, Piet Botha, Valiant Swart, Anton Goosen, Mel Botes

Track List

1. Meisie Sonner Sokkies (live 1998) – David Kramer
2. Sien Jou Weer (Piet Botha cover) – Beeskraal met Piet Botha
3. Die Mystic Boer – Valiant Swart
4. Kan Ons Weer Begin – Ashton Nyte
5. Sit Dit Af – Johannes Kerkorrel & Die Gereformeerde Blues Band
6. Ou Swerwer – Piet Botha
7. Lisa se Klavier – Koos Kombuis with James Phillips
8. n Brief Vir Simone – Anton Goosen
9. Bittermaan – Spoegwolf
10. Breyten se Brief (2010 recording) – Jan Blohm & Milan Murray
11. 9mm Blues (demo version) – George Harry (Jan Blohm)
12. Spook – Spinnekop
13. Die Donker Kom Jou Haal (Valiant Swart cover) – The Black Cat Bones
14. Dagdrome in Suburbia – Francois van Coke feat Spoegwolf
15. Slang – The Kêrels
16. Bloemfontein – Springcan
17. Reënvoëls – Mel Botes
18. Giant Puzzle – Al’astair
19. Matchbox Full Of Diamonds – David Kramer
20. Brixton Dae – Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes
21. Sondagmiddag – KOBUS!
22. Nikitien En Kafeïen – ddisselblom
23. Rock & Roll Jannie – Jakkie Louw & Wickus Van Der Merwe
24. Blommetjie Gedenk Aan My (Anton Goosen cover) – Stean Ennie Crank-shafts
25. Êrens – Ark
26. Mooie Vrou – Kaal
27. F.A.K. – Skallabrak
28. Mynhope In Die Bosveld – Wildebeest
29. Ventersdorp (Song Vir Angelique) – Die Kaalkop Waarheid
30. Verspreide Donderbuie – Amanda Strydom
31. Van Tonder – Piet Botha
32. Stille Soldate – Touch Of Class

South African Music Mixes: ONS GAAN NOU BRAAI feat Kurt Darren, Patricia Lewis, Steve Hofmyer, Ray Dylan, Nicholis Louw, Fatman

Somer is hier! Ons gaan nou braai!

It’s summertime in South Africa… it’s time to Braai!

Braai” is the South African word for “barbecue”, but it is so much more than that!

This mix was inspired by a sketch from stand-up comedian Barry Hilton. It is included as a bonus at the end of the mix.

ONS GAAN NOU BRAAI feat Kurt Darren, Patricia Lewis, Steve Hofmyer, Ray Dylan, Nicholis Louw, Fatman

Track List

1. Die Braai Song – Posduif
2. Hello Hello Ek Het Jou Gemis – Patricia Lewis
3. Welkom By My Party (Medley) – Krone, Kurt Darren, Nicholis Louw, Raymond Fein & Snotkop
4. Boerebal – Refentse
5. Kamp Kommandant – Fatman
6. Vakansie Op Die Platteland – Reën
7. Kuierleier – Irene-Louise Van Wyk
8. ‘n Dubbel Vir Die DJ – Kurt Darren feat Snotkop
9. Kom Saam – Straatligkinders
10. Generaal (Ek Kom Jou Dogter Haal) – Nicholis Louw
11. Kaptein Span Die Seile – Kurt Darren
12. Baby Tjoklits – Gerhard Steyn
13. Cowboys Don’t Cry – Francois van Rensburg
14. Loslappie – Kurt Darren
15. Trapkap – Juanita du Plessis, Ruan Josh & Franja Du Plessis
16. Pampoen – Steve Hofmeyr
17. Brannewynlippe – Wikus Botma
18. S.O.S. – Fatman
19. Jessica – Ray Dylan
20. Alles Gaan Okay Wees – Snotkop feat Loki Rothman
21. Potjiekos – Anton Goosen
22. Spyskaart – Jan Jan Jan feat Liezel Pieters
23. Johnnie Blou – Eloff
24. Warm Girls En Koue Bier – Ray Dylan
25. Meisie Sonner Sokkies – David Kramer
26. Shosholoza (club mix) – Afrotraction
27. De La Rey – Bok Van Blerk
28. BONUS: Nou Gaan Ons Braai (live 2011) – Barry Hilton

South African Music Mixes: HAU!

“Hau!” is a Zulu expression of astonishment.

If you are not from South Africa, we hope you will be astonished at what great music you might have missed.

Hopefully these two mixes will help to rectify that.

If you are South African, enjoy the nostalgia trip.

More information about most of these artists can be found at The South African Rock Encyclopedia

HAU! feat John Kongos, Jack Hammer, Ramsay MacKay, Tribe After Tribe, Falling Mirror, Rabbitt

HAU! feat John Kongos, Jack Hammer, Ramsay MacKay, Tribe After Tribe, Falling Mirror, Rabbitt

Track List

1. Riff Valley – Off The Edge
2. Sex – Pressure Cookies feat Willem Moller
3. Mumbo Jumbo – Ramsay MacKay feat Trevor Rabin
4. Tokoloshe Man – John Kongos
5. Tribal Fence – Rabbitt feat Margaret Singana
6. Russian & Chips – Jack Hammer
7. Judas – David’s Confession
8. Johnny Calls The Chemist – Falling Mirror
9. Riders On The Storm – Gordon’s Suitcase feat Piet Botha
10. Sittin’ (Take Me Home) – Toxic Shame
11. Pharaoh’s Tomb – Titus
12. Wild Warrior – Arapaho
13. Swans – Tribe After Tribe
14. Who Killed Kurt Cobain – Koos Kombuis

HAU! feat Bright Blue, Radio Rats, Johnny Clegg, PJ Powers, Mango Groove, Jack Hammer, Hawk

HAU! feat Bright Blue, Radio Rats, Johnny Clegg, PJ Powers, Mango Groove, Jack Hammer, Hawk

Track List

1. ZX Dan – Radio Rats
2. I’ll Remember You – Brian Finch
3. Weeping – Bright Blue
4. You’re So Good To Me – Hotline feat PJ Powers
5. Substitute – Clout
6. Be Bop Pop – The Spectres
7. Mysteries & Jealousy – The Helicopters
8. Conquistador – Circus
9. Orang Otang – Hawk
10. We Are Growing – Margaret Singana
11. Impi – Johnny Clegg & Juluka
12. Hometalk – Mango Groove
13. Dear Abbie (One Night Of Passion) – Little Sister
14. I Love You – Springbok Nude Girls
15. Sarajevo – Jack Hammer

More South African Music Mixes on Mixcloud

More information about most of the artists featured here can be found at The South African Rock Encyclopedia

South African Music Mixes: Africa Calling

Africa is calling you…

Inspired by “Africa Calling” by Masauko (from Blk Sonshine), these are two mixes of songs (from the last few years) from the Southern tip of Africa, including a tribute to the late Johnny Clegg.

Image: album cover from “Africa Calling” by Masauko

AFRICA CALLING feat Masauko, Tresor, Lady Zamar, Goldfish, Busiswa, Sho Madjozi, Holly Rey, Simmy

Track List

1. Africa Calling – Masauko
2. The Crossing (Johnny Clegg cover) – Friends Of Johnny Clegg
3. Ama Waza Waza – Ihhashi Elimhlophe
4. Notshi – Team Skorokoro
5. Late Night People (feat. Soweto Kinch) [Pontifexx and Johanns Remix] – GoldFish
6. Summer Life (feat. DJ Buckz & Gorna) – Busiswa
7. Paradise (feat. K.O.) – ChianoSky
8. You – Holly Rey
9. Infinity (feat. Daev Martian & Ziyon) – Kid Fonque
10. This Is Love – Lady Zamar
11. Ininja (feat. DJ Tira & DJ Thukzin) [Dlala Thukzin Remix] – Love Devotion & Peekay
12. Imvula (feat. Professor, Holly Rey & DrumPope) – Master Clap
13. Electric Night (feat. AKA) – Tresor
14. Gugulethu (feat. Indlovukazi, Supta & Afro Brothers) – Prince Kaybee
15. Limpopo Champions League – Sho Madjozi
16. Ubala (feat. Sun-El Musician) – Simmy
17. KWEDiNi – Sipho the Gift
18. Away (feat. Aewon Wolf) – Sketchy Bongo
19. Sonini (feat. Simmy & Lelo Kamau) – Sun-El Musician
20. No Sharing (The Distance) – Tellaman
21. S.O.S. – Fatman
22. Mina Ngedwa (feat. Vuyokazi Tshaya & Tshego AMG) – Tendaness
23. Linda – Sjava
24. Aphrodite – Tresor & Beatenberg
25. Promised Land (feat. Amanda Black & Soweto Gospel Choir) – Yanga
26. Soul to Keep (feat. Kwesta) – Zonke Dikana
27. Holy Spirit (Live at the Lyric Theatre) – Neyi Zimu & Omega Khunou

AFRICA CALLING feat Simphiwe Dana, Kelly Khumalo, Master KG, Sjava, Dramaboi, Tiwa Savage

Track List

1. Africa Calling (introduction) – Masauko
2. Bamako – Simphiwe Dana
3. Jerusalema (remix) – Master KG feat Burna Boy & Nomcebo Zikode
4. The Boxer – Cats On Bricks feat Nomfusi
5. Disco Matanga (Yambakhana) – Sauti Sol feat Sho Madjozi & Black Motion
6. Dance Along – CJay Unlimited
7. Padipadi – Han-C
8. Ntombizodwa – Thulasizwe feat Vee Mampeezy, Mass Ram & Josta
9. Dangerous Love (De Mthuda: Born In Soweto remix) – Tiwa Savage
10. There for You – T-Love feat Donald
11. Thrill – Tresor
12. Let Them Know – Young Jonn, Tiwa Savage & Joeboy
13. Empini – Kelly Khumalo
14. Yekela – Mlindo The Vocalist feat Masiano & Vusi Nova
15. Umbhulelo – Aubrey Qwana
16. Memeza – Blaq Diamond feat Sjava
17. Ilanga – Buhlebendalo feat Sjava
18. Koni Koni – Fiokee, Simi & Oxlade
19. Africa – Vusa Mkhaya
20. Ke Tshepile Wena – Dramaboi
21. No Ties (Amapiano remix) – Tshego, King Monada & MFR Souls
22. Meleko – Vee Mampeezy
23. Babe Wa Grippa – Zolasko
24. Killer Sax – Afrikan Roots feat Team Distant
25. Sedidi – Amantle Brown feat Gigi Lamayne
26. Personal Code – Charma Gal
27. Thandolwethu – Mafikizolo
28. Rock With Me – Moonga K. feat Giuliette Price
29. Stand Together – African Artists Unite feat 2Baba, Ahmed Soultan, Amanda Black, Ben Pol, Betty G, Gigi Lamayne, Prodigio, Stanley Enow, Teni & Yemi Alade

Gilles Peterson Debuts New John Wizards Track, And Discovers Its Rodriguez connection.

By Lenny Mailer

It’s no secret that the renowned DJ, Gilles Peterson, has long been a fan of South African music, especially the sounds coming out of Cape Town. Gilles is a French broadcaster, DJ, and record label owner. He founded the influential labels Acid Jazz and Talkin’ Loud, and started his current label Brownswood Recordings in 2006. He was awarded an honorary MBE in 2004 and is currently hosting his very popular and acclaimed Saturday afternoon music program called ‘Joining The Musical Dots’ in which he features a mixed-up selection, “joining the musical dots” between soul, hip hop, house, afro, electronica, jazz and beyond”, in his own inimitable style.

On his recent ‘Joining the Musical Dots’ program, on Saturday 22nd October, Gilles played the brand new John Wizards’ track called ‘Rwangaguhunga’. Back In 2017 Gilles was one of the first DJ’s to pick up on the strange story and wonderful music of the Cape Town group John Wizards and brought them into his studio during their UK and Europe tour where they played live. 

In August of that year, the British newspaper The Guardian’s music editor, Tim Jonze, wrote a feature on John Wizards, documenting how Emmanuel Nzaramba, a Rwandan car guard in Cape Town met John Withers, a South African advertising music writer, and after adding some of John’s musical friends to the band, they became John Wizards

(L–R) Geoff Brink, Tom Parker, John Withers, Alex Montgomery, Emmanuel Nzaramba, Raphael Segerman | Sarah Thomas and John Wizards

The band later released its self-titled debut album, which showcased their unique sound featuring elements of R&B, soukous, Afropop, reggae, South African house, Shangaan electro, and dub, and  included the singles ‘Lusaka by Night’ and ‘Muizenberg’. At the end of 2017, the band’s album appeared as No 8 on The Guardian’s list of the 40 best albums of the year. 

The six piece band, consisting of vocalist and guitarist John Withers, vocalist Emmanuel Nzaramba, drummer and percussionist Raphael Segerman, bassist and keyboardist Alex Montgomery, guitarist Tom Parker and guitarist and keyboardist Geoff Brink, combined electronic sounds with more traditional African influences on their self-titled debut album, and the success of that album led to their touring extensively across Europe alongside Mount Kimbie and Jagwar Ma. 

John Wizards effectively began when John Withers met Nzaramba outside a coffee shop in 2010 and the two became friends. They subsequently fell out of touch for a period. In 2012 they happened upon one another in Cape Town and it turned out they were both living on that same street. Prior to their meeting again, Withers had been working on recording and producing the set of musical ideas that would later become John Wizards’ self-titled release of September 2013. 

Nzaramba added vocal recordings to some of the songs and began to perform with the rest of the band. John Wizards released a mix tape in August 2012 that roughly sketched out the songs to be included on the album. This mix tape was passed on to Mike Paradinas, owner of Planet Mu records. Planet Mu would announce the band as part of their roster in November 2012, releasing the album some ten months later.

In February 2017 Gilles visited Cape Town to record an audio documentary about the city’s musical heritage as part of Lufthansa City of the Month. The documentary followed Gilles over the course of a day as he set out to learn about the history of the city’s music, and infiltrate the dynamic contemporary scene. He began with the music of the Khoisan Bushmen, through to Cape Jazz of the ’60s, onto hip hop of the ’80s and ’90s, through to the spoken word and current musical climate of today. By discovering where the music was from and where it was going, Gilles discovered what makes Cape Town so special.

Gilles Peterson presents Cape Town Sounds

In the documentary, Gilles visited a bunch of the local music scenes’ leaders to hear their stories. From jazz musician Tony Cedras to spoken word artist Khadija Tracey Heeger, local hip hop legend DJ Ready D, the Chimurenga crew, legendary A&R Donald ‘Jumbo’ Van Renen through to today’s upfront talent like Nonku Phiri! The show also featured tracks by Tony Cedras, Miriam Makeba, Dollar Brand, Jumbo Track, Black Disco and more.

Stephen "Sugar" Segerman, Gilles Peterson, DJ Mighty, Jacques Vosloo | Mabu Vinyl Basement, 3 February 2017
Stephen “Sugar” Segerman, Gilles Peterson, DJ Mighty, Jacques Vosloo | Mabu Vinyl Basement, 3 February 2017

On that trip, Gilles also visited the iconic Cape Town record shop, Mabu Vinyl, where he met the shop’s founder and owner Jacques Vosloo, as well as the staff like DJ Mighty, SA online music guru Brian Currin and Stephen ‘Sugar’ Segerman of ‘Searching For Sugar Man’ fame.

Gilles Peterson 2022-10-22 Joining the Musical Dots: Alabaster dePlume & Friends, Kay Suzuki

On Saturday’s ‘Joining The Musical Dots’ program, after playing the newly-released John Wizards’ track ‘Rwangaguhunga’ (starting at about 24 minutes), Gilles also mentioned that the drummer from John Wizards, Raphael Segerman, is also the son of Stephen ‘Sugar’ Segerman, thereby “joining the musical dots” between John Wizards and Sixto Rodriguez followed by his playing of Rodriguez singing his own track, ‘Can’t Get Away’.

Rwangaguhunga – John Wizards
Rodriguez – Can’t Get Away

South African Rock History: African Daze – Progressive Rock

Two mixes of Progressive Rock tracks from South African Rock History, compiled by Brian Currin.

Artists featured include Freedoms Children, Abstract Truth, Hawk, Otis Waygood, Duncan Mackay, McCully Workshop and Third Eye.

More info on all these artists (and many more) at The South African Rock Encyclopedia

African Daze – South African Prog Rock

Track List

1 A Madman’s Cry by Otis Waygood
2 Blue Wednesday Speaks by Abstract Truth
3 Eclipse by Freedoms Children
4 Astral III by Invaders
5 (We All) Look For The Sun by McCully Workshop
6 Sea Horse by Freedoms Children
7 The Whip by Suck
8 African Day (excerpt) by Hawk
9 Retain Your Half-Ticket by Third Eye
10 Morpheus (excerpt) by Duncan Mackay
11 Tribal Fence by Freedoms Children
12 Orang Otang by Harambee
13 In Spite Of It All by Circus
14 Desert (excerpt) by Steve Linnegar’s Snakeshed

African Daze Vol 2 – More South African Prog Rock

Track List

1 The Crazy World Of Pod: electronic concerto by Freedoms Children
2 2001 Space Odyssey (Deodato cover) by McCully Workshop
3 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson cover) by Suck
4 Medals Of Bravery by Freedoms Children
5 Judas by David’s Confession
6 Pharaoh’s Tomb by Titus
7 Mumbo Jumbo by Ramsay Mackay
8 Silver Trees by Abstract Truth
9 Slowly Towards The North (Freedoms Children cover) by Jack Hammer
10 Orang Otang by Hawk
11 The Bridge by Julian Laxton
12 Useless Illusions (based on Nights In White Satin) by The Flames
13 Caterpillar by The Third Eye
14 Sirius II by Duncan Mackay
15 In The Sun by Otis Waygood
16 Avenue by McCully Workshop
17 Silent Water by Ramsay Mackay
18 Hunter by Hawk
19 I Need You by The Invaders
20 I Left My Skull In San Francisco by Otis Waygood
21 Apricot Brandy (Rhinoceros cover) by The Third Eye
22 In A Space by Abstract Truth
23 Season Of The Witch (incl drum solo) (Donovan cover) by Suck

More information at the The South African Rock Encyclopedia

More South African music mixes at SA Rock Digest on Mixcloud

South African Music Mix: JABULANI! feat Johnny Clegg, Mango Groove, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lucky Dube and many more

JABULANI! feat Johnny Clegg, Mango Groove, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lucky Dube

You can sing and dance and love and feel at Jabulani!

PJ Powers

Track List

1. Jabulani – PJ Powers & Hotline
2. Dance Sum More – Mango Groove
3. Kilimanjaro – Johnny Clegg & Juluka
4. Jiving To The Weekend Beat – éVoid
5. Gimme Hope Jo’Anna – Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
6. Grazing In The Grass – Hugh Masekela
7. Umqombothi – Yvonne Chaka Chaka
8. We Are Growing – Margaret Singana
9. Fabulous Day (Kwaito Mix) – Redd Angel
10. Nkalakatha – Mandoza
11. Scatterlings Of Africa – Johnny Clegg & Savuka
12. Julia – Khumbula
13. Ukuthula – Busi Mhlongo
14. Born In A Taxi – Blk Sonshine
15. Weekend Special – Brenda & The Big Dudes
16. Quick Quick – Marcalex
17. Hey Boy – Via Afrika
18. Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes – Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo
19. Gazette – Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens
20. Pata Pata – Miriam Makeba
21. Meadowlands – Boerequanga
22. Green Green – Gecko Moon feat Ringo
23. Taxman – Lucky Dube
24. Write Your Name – The Branch
25. Woza December – Gang Of Instrumentals
26. Shosholoza (remix) – Ladysmith Black Mambazo
27. Eye For An Eye – Splash
28. Soldier – Chicco
29. Good Vibes – Harari
30. Burn Out – Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse
31. The Bushman – Steve Kekana

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ROCK TODAY WITH THE BIG HEAVIES [South Africa 1971] Suck, Otis Waygood, Freedoms Children


A digital recreation of a 1971 compilation double album featuring 3 of the biggest South African bands of the late ’60s and early ’70s, Suck, Freedom’s Children and the Otis Waygood Blues Band.


  1. Suck – War Pigs
  2. Suck – The Whip
  3. Otis Waygood Blues Band – Wee Wee Baby
  4. Freedoms Children – 1999
  5. Otis Waygood Blues Band – You’re Late Miss Kate
  6. Otis Waygood Blues Band – Fever
  7. Freedoms Children – About The Dove And His King
  8. Suck – 21st Century Schizoid Man
  9. Freedoms Children – That Did It
  10. Freedoms Children – The Kid He Came From Hazareth
  11. Otis Waygood Blues Band – Watch ‘n Chain
  12. Suck – Aimless Lady
  13. Freedoms Children – The Homecoming
  14. Otis Waygood – In The Sun
  15. Otis Waygood – In Alan’s Car

Release information

1972, EMI Starline, SRSJ 7001/2


This is a double album, which contains the best and (cough) worst of some of the late 60’s early seventies progressive rock!

Garth Chilvers, February 1999

The Kid He Came From Hazareth (or should that be Nazareth?): When we first recorded this song, it was called ‘The Kid That Came From Nazareth’. When the album ‘Astra’ was submitted to the SABC (Old Regime) for their playlist, they banned the album because of that track, as it was “Blasphemous“. They said that if we changed all references to the word “Nazareth” including the recording, they would unban the album. So it was back to the studio and a re-recording of the lyrics as well as re-doing all the artwork. This was quite standard practice in those days.

Julian Laxton, January 2001

“War Pigs” is a powerful version of the Black Sabbath song, that was left off Suck’s one-and-only album. It eventually appeared on the Retrofresh CD re-issue of that album in 2001.

Brian Currin


South African Rock Legends
South African Rock Legends

A list of South Africa’s Rock Legends compiled by Brian Currin in July 2001, updated June 2008. Representative songs for each artist are also listed; either their most well-known song / biggest hit and / or personal favourite.

Originally published on the South African Rock Encyclopedia

  1. The A-Cads – Hungry For Love, Roadrunner
  2. Asylum Kids – Fight It With Your Mind, Schoolboy*, No No No No
  3. Robin Auld – Baby You’ve Been Good To Me, Perfect Day
  4. Ballyhoo – Man On The Moon
  5. Baxtop – Jo Bangles 
  6. Big Sky – Waiting For The Dawn, Slow Dancing
  7. Piet Botha – Goeienag Generaal, Sien Jou Weer 
  8. Bright Blue – Weeping, Window On The World*
  9. Circus – Conquistador 
  10. Johnny Clegg – Kilimanjaro (with Juluka), Scatterlings of Africa (with Savuka)
  11. Dog Detachment – Waiting For A Miracle* 
  12. Lesley Rae Dowling – Grips Of Emotion, The Spaniard 
  13. Ella Mental – See Yourself (Clowns)* 
  14. éVoid – Shadows, Taximan* 
  15. Falling Mirror – Johnny Calls The Chemist, Making Out With Granny 
  16. Freedoms Children – 1999 
  17. Crocodile Harris – Give Me The Good News, Miss Eva Goodnight 
  18. Hawk – Here Comes The Sun 
  19. Hotline – You’re So Good To Me, So Cold
  20. John Ireland – You’re Living Inside My Head
  21. Jack Hammer – Street of Love, Sarajevo 
  22. Just Jinger – Sugar Man
  23. Koos Kombuis – Who Killed Kurt Cobain 
  24. Julian Laxton – Celebrate 
  25. Little Sister – No Man Shall Fall, Dear Abbie 
  26. Mauritz Lotz – Six String Razor 
  27. McCully Workshop – Buccaneer 
  28. Morocko – Bowtie Boogaloo
  29. Otis Waygood Blues Band – Fever
  30. Peach – Nightmare, Complicated Game*
  31. Rabbitt – Hold On To Love, Charlie, Hard Ride
  32. Radio Rats – ZX Dan 
  33. Margaret Singana – Tribal Fence
  34. Neill Solomon – Roxy Lady
  35. Stingray – Better The Devil You Know
  36. Suck – Aimless Lady
  37. Sweatband – This Boy* 
  38. The Spectres – Be Bop Pop,Teddy Bear*
  39. Tribe After Tribe – Damsel (As I Went Out One Morning)* 
  40. Via Afrika – Hey Boy*

* Tracks released on Rocking Against The System CD in March 2002.

South African Rock Legends

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More South African Rock Lists

Jive Talking and Eyeballing #14 [25 September 2020] feat Jack Hammer, Falling Mirror, The Awakening

A series of one hour All-South African mixes to enhance the Public Facebook Group “Jive Talking and Eyeballing”, which is an interview showcase of both South African and International artists.

1. Bus Station – Fly Paper Jet
2. Morrison Hotel – Jack Hammer
3. Judas – David’s Confession
4. The Boogie Mansion – Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop
5. Vampyre Girl – The Awakening
6. Hammerhead Hotel – Falling Mirror
7. Shade Of A Ghost – Fetish
8. Hello (I Am Ghost Town) – Dance You’re On Fire
9. Gypsy Toy – Ann Jangle
10. Van Tonder – Piet Botha
11. Werewolf In The House – Falling Mirror
12. Ghost Riders In The Sky – Brian Finch & Ken E Henson
13. The Fisherman – Jack Hammer
14. Farewell To Gypsy – Bonekey

More info on most of these artists at


Hammerhead Hotel, feat Falling Mirror, Jack Hammer, The Dolly Rockers, McCully Workshop, Radio Rats

Hammerhead Hotel | photo: Michael Currin
Hammerhead Hotel | photo: Michael Currin

Track List

1. Bus Station – Fly Paper Jet
2. Hammerhead Hotel – Falling Mirror
3. Alison – Dolly Rockers
4. Getting Better – Scabby Annie
5. Shock Time For Rock – The Popguns
6. Morrison Hotel – Jack Hammer
7. Werewolf In The House – Falling Mirror
8. Kamikasi – McCully Workshop
9. Mucking About In The Dungeons All Day – Radio Rats
10. Monster From The Bog – Psycho Reptiles
11. Bellville Rock City – New World Inside
12. Psycho Bitch – Toxic Shame
13. Boxstar Kitty – Three Bored White Guys
14. Blue Eyed Devil – Th’ Damned Crows
15. Psycho-Babble – Lancaster Band
16. Britney Spears – Tweak
17. Babydoll Blues – The Ragdolls
18. Psycho – Them Tornados
19. Woo Hoo! – Fire Through The Window
20. Baby Girl You’re Gonna Burn! – Peachy Keen
21. Drakilla – The Psykotix
22. Surfin’ With The Goth Gang – Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop
23. Krokodil – Retro Dizzy
24. Buccaneer – Moyawetu
25. Beethoven Is Dying – Koos Kombuis En Die Warmblankes
26. Only Yesterday – Sharkbrother
27. Boomtown Hotel – Valiant Swart
28. Kitchener – Piet Botha
29. Praha Paradise (2007 version) – Ernestine Deane feat Tim Parr
30. Die Gipsy In Jou Oë – Anna Davel
31. Farewell To Gypsy – Bonekey

Jive Talking and Eyeballing #3 [10 July 2020] feat Ballyhoo, Rabbitt, Stingray, McCully Workshop

A series of one hour All-South African mixes to enhance the Public Facebook Group “Jive Talking and Eyeballing”, which is an interview showcase of both South African and International artists.

A 70’s mix with the spotlight on Rabbitt and Trevor Rabin.


More information on most of these artists at

1. Rock ‘n Roll Party – Ballyhoo
2. The Boy & The Bee – Omega Limited
3. The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedoms Children
4. The San Diego Sniping Event – Falling Mirror
5. Charlie – Rabbitt
6. Substitute – Clout
7. Guinevere – McCully Workshop
8. What’s Going On – The Third Eye
9. Telephone Girl – Assagai
10. Hard Ride – Rabbitt
11. Candlelight – Richard Jon Smith
12. Astral III – The Invaders
13. Black Night – Omega Limited
14. Evil Ways – The Attraction
15. Better The Devil You Know – Stingray
16. Jo Bangles – Baxtop
17. Fantasy – Trevor Rabin
18. Born To Be Wild – Buffalo feat Peter Vee
19. The Journey – The Staccatos

Jive Talking & Eyeballing #1 [26 June 2020] feat éVoid, Albert Frost, Roger Lucey, Wonderboom, Peach

A series of one hour All-South African mixes to enhance the Public Facebook Group “Jive Talking and Eyeballing“, which is an interview showcase of both South African and International artists.

This week’s spotlight is on éVoid, read the interview at:

Track List

1. Jiving To The Weekend Beat – éVoid
2. Orang Otang – Brian Finch
3. Warlord – Bill Knight with Roger Lucey
4. Lungile Tabalaza – Roger Lucey feat Ken E Henson
5. My Sharona – Void
6. Taximan – éVoid
7. Shadows – Wonderboom
8. A Lot Of Things – Peach
9. Corrugated Iron – Die Lemme
10. ZX Dan – Radio Rats
11. Catfish Blues (live 2003) – Albert Frost
12. Hot Tin Roof – Famous Curtain Trick
13. Harmonijah – Tidal Waves
14. Kudu Junction – Amampondo
15. Jeffreysbaai – Piet Botha

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